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If you received a request to submit proof of life using Paneem and cannot complete the process, a paper Proof of Life form is available here instead of using Paneem.

Frequently Asked Questions (for Survivors)

Frequently Asked Questions for Survivors

Frequently Asked Questions (for Agency Staff)

    Paneem Instructions

    To view a step-by-step guide for performing the identity verification through Paneem, select in your language, below.






      Helpful Technology Tips

      First Tips on how to successfully complete the face scan

      • Check that your Wifi is allowing PANEEM to work, may have to turn off Wifi.
      • Ensure that there is good lighting (not too dark or too bright)
      • Remove anything that obscures your face (hat/glasses/mask)
      • Lean mobile device against a flat surface if it is difficult to hold it still 
      • Sit directly across from the mobile device to face the camera with your full face in view
      • Wipe the camera with a tissue to remove blur

      Tips on how to successfully complete the document scan

      • Make sure the whole document appears in the frame and is readable. 
      • Do not hold the document immediately in front of the camera – it will make the image appear blurry; move back slightly before taking the image. 
      • Do not cover the document with your fingers
      • Lay the document on a blank, flat surface and position your phone directly over the document to capture the image
      • Make sure that it is not too dark or too bright (if there is glare on the image it may not be readable)