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In honor of the Claims Conference’s 70th Anniversary, we have prepared a booklet reflecting our work on behalf of survivors over the years. Learn more.

Holocaust Knowledge and Awareness Survey

The Claims Conference has conducted seven surveys across six countries examining Holocaust knowledge and awareness worldwide

L’Chaim – Claims Conference Health Newsletter

Previous Issues of L’Chaim

Issue VIII Summer 2023 (view PDF)

Issue VII Winter 2023 (view PDF)

Issue VI Fall 2022 (view PDF)

Issue V, Fall/Winter 2021, (view PDF)

Issue IV, Spring 2021 (view PDF)

Issue III, the Chanukah Issue, December 2020 (view PDF)

Issue II, The High Holiday Issue, September 2020 (view PDF)

Issue I, May 2020 (view PDF)

Claims Conference M

Claims Conference Magazine (viewable online)

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Claims Conference Worldbook: a Guide to Claims Conference Programs Worldwide

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“The Claims Conference is a phenomenon without precedent in Jewish life, and its creation is linked to a catastrophe equally without precedent.”

Nahum Goldmann, first president of the Claims Conference

Historical Reports

Report for the Period January 1, 1953-August 31, 1954
Report “Five Years Later”, 1958
Report “Ten Years of German Indemnification”, Memorial Edition for Nehemia Robinson, 1964
Report “The Eleventh Year”, Nahum Goldman, 1965
Report “Twenty Years Later 1952-1972”, 1972
Report for the Period January 1, 1973-September 30, 1975
Report for the Period October 1, 1975-September 30, 1978
Report, 1951 – 2001, 50 Years of Service to Holocaust Survivors, 2001


Publications, studies and demographic information about Holocaust survivors

Journals and Reports

Kavod: Honoring Aging Survivors, an online journal for mental health professionals and family care providers of Holocaust survivors addressing the unique challenges of working with this population.

The Role of the United States in Pursuing Compensation for Holocaust Victims and Heirs, and the Historical Bases for U.S. Leadership, an analysis and commemoration of the many decades of crucial U.S. leadership that has helped Holocaust victims receive some degree of moral recognition of their incalculable losses, as well as tens of billions of dollars in compensation and restitution.