Home care organizations in the Netherlands have been confronted with severe government budget cuts. The Claims Conference partners with Stichting Joods Maatschappelijk Werk/Dutch Jewish Social Services (JMW), a social welfare organization serving Jews in the Netherlands. With Claims Conference funds, JMW provides home care services to Nazi victims.


Direct compensation payments are made from the Article 2 Fund and the Hardship Fund. The Claims Conference negotiates on an ongoing basis with the German government to include additional Nazi victims in compensation programs, increase payments, and provide increased funds for social services.

Home care organizations in the Netherlands have been confronted with severe budget cuts by the Dutch government for the past decade. These cuts apply to all types of home care, including home nursing, personal care, and domestic services for Holocaust victims. The price per hour for personal care is also fixed by the government, and the funds provided do not cover the cost of supplying such services to all Jewish Nazi victims who require them. Thus, although the government of the Netherlands provides some funding for home care services, these funds do not cover the full needs of Jewish Nazi victims.

JMW provides a range of social services to Jewish elderly in the Netherlands, most of whom are Nazi victims. With the help of Claims Conference funds, JMW provides chore/housekeeper services to Nazi victims. Two social service organizations in Amsterdam, the Liberal Jewish Community of Amsterdam and the Jewish Community of Amsterdam serve local residents and separately provide socialization events for more than 100 Nazi victims who live throughout the Amsterdam area.