Publications and Studies About Holocaust Survivors

Studies and documents on needs, demographics and compensation payments for Holocaust survivors

The following documents are reports and studies containing data on needs, demographics and compensation payments for Holocaust survivors. The documents are presented for informational purposes only and the Claims Conference is not responsible for the contents of these documents.

50-State Survey on Holocaust Knowledge of American Millennials and Gen Z

Holocaust Survivors in Israel: Population Estimates, Demographic, Health and Social Characteristics, and Needs
Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute, Center for Research on Aging, February 2010

Jewish Elderly Nazi Victims in the Former Soviet Union: Ongoing Needs and Comparison to Conditions in Europe, Israel and the United States 
Steinhardt Social Research Institute, December 2007

An Overview of the Future Needs of Survivors 
Claims Conference, November 2007

Health Problems and Economic Neediness Among Jewish Shoah Survivors in Israel
JDC-Brookdale Institute/ The A. Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, April 2005

Nazi Victims Now Residing in the United States Findings from National Jewish Population Survey 2000-01 
United Jewish Communities, December 2003

Nazi Victims in the New York Area: Selected Topics
Report prepared by Ukeles Associates, Inc. for UJA-Federation of New York, November 2003

The Social and Economic Situation in Countries of the FSU.
Case Studies of Ukraine, Russia & Moldova. Highlights of the International Literature and Source Documents
JDC-Brookdale Institute, August 20, 2003

Social Safety Nets
Annex F, Swiss Banks Special Master’s Proposal, September 11, 2000

Review of Relevant Demographic Information of World Jewry
Sergio Della Pergola, November 2003

An Estimate of the Current Distribution of Jewish Victims of Nazi Persecution
Ukeles Associates Inc., October 2003

Summary of Major Holocaust Compensation Programs—Jewish Victims
Annex E, Swiss Banks Special Master’s Proposal, September 11, 2000

Major Direct Compensation Programs for Jewish Victims of Nazi Persecution 
Claims Conference, February 2004

Proposals on Allocation of Funds Regarding Victim Asset Litigation
Swiss Banks-extensive materials regarding Nazi victims