Holocaust Survivor Demographic Reports

Holocaust Survivors Worldwide:
A Demographic Overview

Unprecedented Demographic Report On Holocaust Survivors Indicates Approximately 245,000 Jewish Survivors Alive Globally

Conducted By the Claims Conference, The Demographic Study Identifies Jewish Holocaust Survivors In More Than 90 Countries; 49 Percent Reside In Israel, 18 Percent Reside In North America.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, January 23, 2024: Today, the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (Claims Conference) released the Global Demographic Report on Jewish Holocaust Survivors, a demographic study on Jewish Holocaust survivors living around the world. The study reveals approximately 245,000 Holocaust survivors are still living across more than 90 countries.

Gideon Taylor, President of the Claims Conference, said, “The data we have amassed, not only tells us how many and where survivors are, it clearly indicates that most survivors are at a period of life where their need for care and services is growing. Now is the time to double down on our attention on this waning population. Now is when they need us the most.”

Since its founding in 1951, the Claims Conference has been dedicated to securing a measure of justice for Jewish survivors of the Holocaust. As a result of ongoing negotiations with the German government, the Claims Conference has achieved and administers several compensation programs that provide direct payments to survivors globally, provides grants to over 300 social service agencies worldwide and ensures survivors receive much-needed services such as home care, food, medicine, transportation and socialization.

The facilitation of these programs, funding and services has led to a global compilation of information on Jewish Holocaust survivors. This information, while not the only resource, served as a foundation of the Global Demographic Report on Jewish Holocaust Survivors. The reportsummarizes data on the demographic composition of Jewish Holocaust survivors worldwide, outlining country of birth as well as current country of residence, age, sex and what percentage of survivors are receiving various compensations and services.

Greg Schneider, Executive Vice President of the Claims Conference, said, “The numbers in this report are interesting, but it is also important to look past the numbers to see the individuals they represent. These are Jews who were born into a world that wanted to see them murdered. They endured the atrocities of the Holocaust in their youth and were forced to rebuild an entire life out of the ashes of the camps and ghettos that ended their families and communities. The data forces us to accept the reality that Holocaust survivors won’t be with us forever, indeed, we have already lost most survivors.”

The Global Demographic Report on Jewish Holocaust Survivors identifies survivors living in more than 90 countries. Nearly half (49 percent) of all Jewish Holocaust survivors live in Israel, with an additional 18 percent in North America and 18 percent in Western Europe. At the time of publication, the median age of survivors is 86; ages range from 77 years to over 100, with birthdates reaching back as far as 1912.

Holocaust survivor, Reha Bennicasa, daughter of Rose Girone, the oldest living Holocaust survivor known to the Claims Conference said, “As a survivor and daughter of a survivor, I cannot stress enough how important it is to share our testimonies. Personally, I am pleased that my mother has reached 112 years of age, and to learn that she is the oldest Holocaust survivor. My Mother and I survived German and then Japanese oppression. Her strength throughout this horror and in all other facets of her life are amazing. She is a wonderful example to me and, hopefully, to the world. Given the declining survivor population and the rise in antisemitism, we need to encourage the world to learn about our collective history so that the Holocaust will never happen again.”

In addition to the Global Demographic Report on Jewish Holocaust Survivors, the Claims Conference has also released a New York demographic report. In the coming weeks, a demographic report for the United States will also be released. The reports can be viewed/downloaded below.

Map of Holocaust Survivor Population Worldwide by Country of Residence (as-of 2023)

Appendix C: Holocaust Survivor Population by Country, 2023

Western EuropeTotal42,80017.5
Great Britain1,2000.5
Western Europe Other2000.1
North AmericaTotal44,20018.1
United States38,40015.7
Former Soviet UnionTotal28,90011.8
Russian Federation18,2007.4
FSU Other3000.1
Eastern EuropeTotal6,1002.5
Czech Republic5000.2
Slovak Republic3000.1
Serbia & Montenegro200<0.1
Eastern Europe Other<100<0.1
Rest of Oceania<50<0.01
South America & CaribbeanTotal7000.3
South America Other1000.1
All OtherAll Other4000.2


The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (Claims Conference), a nonprofit organization with offices in New York, Israel and Germany, secures material compensation for Holocaust survivors around the world. Founded in 1951 by representatives of 23 major international Jewish organizations, the Claims Conference negotiates for and disburses funds to individuals and organizations and seeks the return of Jewish property stolen during the Holocaust.
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