Holocaust Research Education & Documentation



  • March 1 at 11:59 pm ET. 
    Grant period begins no earlier than January.

Applications must be submitted in English on the Fluxx grant portal.

The online submission form will become available 8-12 weeks before the application deadlines. Start completing the application as early as possible. The application is extensive, and the portal will close at the deadline.

Apply for a grant for projects that further Shoah education, documentation, research and film.


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  • Projects must be about the persecution of Jews by the Nazis and/or their collaborators, or its consequences.
  • The Claims Conference does not accept applications from individuals, only from registered non-profit organizations and research institutions (exceptions for film, new media and social media applications).
  • The start date of the project must be at least 8 months after the application deadline.
  • The grantee is responsible for securing the remaining sources of matching funding.
  • Expenses are paid out on a reimbursement basis. Expenses are reimbursed provided: 1) they were expended during the grant period; 2) they were in the pre-approved budget; 3) they are accompanied by proof of expenditure. This includes proof of matching funds.
  • If a grant request has been previously rejected, one may not resubmit for the same project.

Categories Eligible for Funding


  • Research and Publications
  • Translation of existing research


  • Education Programs
  • Multi-day Educator Training Programs
  • Other


  • Archival Accessibility Projects (e.g. Cataloging, Digitizing, Indexing)
  • Exhibitions
  • Recording of new testimonies

New Media

  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Video Games
  • Podcasts
  • Social Media
  • Mobile Apps
  • Online Forum
  • Other


New ApplicationsMaximum Percentage Request Allowed
Research, Education, Documentation: New Projects (1st year)85%
*Research, Education, Documentation: 2nd year (use renewal application form)75%
*Research, Education, Documentation: 3rd year (use renewal application form)65%
After 3 years of funding, funding will be limited to 50% support from the Claims Conference.

Only applications with a robust evaluation component will be considered.

Matching Funds Requirements

Current Renewal Applications will be considered for 50% support.

Documentation: Exceptional FundingMaximum Percentage
Request Allowed
Documentation: Artifact Collection90%
Documentation: Recording of New Testimony (including Transcription)90%

Projects and areas that the Claims Conference does NOT fund

  • Fine arts projects, such as art exhibitions, music performances, and theater arts
  • Fiction literature and personal memoirs submitted by individuals
  • Memorial ceremonies, monuments, and memorial sites
  • Capital projects
  • Conferences, except those of unique and exceptional merit
  • Public lectures and programs for general audiences
  • College or university courses
  • Student trips to authentic Holocaust sites in Europe
  • Programs or assemblies for individual schools

For any questions, email NYAllocAdmin@claimscon.org (for all countries other than Israel) or REDIsrael@claimscon.org (for grants within Israel only).