Holocaust Research Education & Documentation



  • March 1 at 11:59 pm ET. 
    Grant period begins no earlier than January.

Applications must be submitted in English on the Fluxx grant portal.

The online submission form will become available 4–6 weeks before the application deadlines. Start completing the application as early as possible. The application is extensive, and the portal will close at the deadline.

Apply for a grant for projects that further Shoah education, documentation, research and film.


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  • Projects must be about the persecution of Jews by the Nazis and/or their collaborators, or its consequences.
  • The Claims Conference does not accept applications from individuals, only from registered non-profit organizations and research institutions (exceptions for film, new media and social media applications).
  • The grantee is responsible for securing the remaining sources of matching funding.
  • Expenses are paid out on a reimbursement basis. Expenses are reimbursed provided: 1) they were expended during the grant period; 2) they were in the pre-approved budget; 3) they are accompanied by proof of expenditure. This includes proof of matching funds.
  • If a grant request has been previously rejected, one may not resubmit for the same project.

Categories Eligible for Funding


  • Research and Publications
  • Translation of existing research


  • Education Programs
  • Multi-day Educator Training Programs
  • Other


  • Archival Accessibility Projects (e.g. Cataloging, Digitizing, Indexing)
  • Exhibitions
  • Recording of new testimonies

New Media

  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Video Games
  • Podcasts
  • Social Media
  • Mobile Apps
  • Online Forum
  • Other


Please visit the Film Grants page for additional information.

Funding Request Amounts

Maximum Percentage of Request Considered

New ApplicationsMaximum Percentage Request Considered
Research, Education, Documentation: New Projects85%
*Research, Education, Documentation: 1st Renewal of Project (use renewal application form)75%
*Research, Education, Documentation: 2nd Renewal of Project (use renewal application form)65%
After funding has been renewed twice for the same project, funding will be limited to 50% support from the Claims Conference.

Current Renewal Applications will be considered for up to 50% support.

Decisions on the percentage of the request funded will be based on available funding and priorities; please note that very few applications will receive the maximum percentage allowed.

Only applications with a robust evaluation component will be considered.

Documentation: Exceptional FundingMaximum Percentage
Request Considered
Documentation: Artifact Collection90%
Documentation: Recording of New Testimony (including Transcription)90%

Projects and areas that the Claims Conference does NOT fund

  • Fine arts projects, such as art exhibitions, music performances, and theater arts 
  • Research projects, fiction literature and personal memoirs submitted by individuals 
  • Memorial ceremonies, monuments, memorial sites, cemetery work 
  • Capital projects 
  • Conferences, except those of unique and exceptional merit 
  • Scholarships for individuals (outside of our Fellowship program) 
  • Pre-service teacher training 
  • College or university courses (unless it is within the framework of the University Partnership Program.) 
  • Student trips to authentic Holocaust sites in Europe or Israel 
  • Individual school programs or assemblies  
  • Development of new curricular materials unless demonstrated need or of exceptional/unique merit 
  • Educator training programs that are only 1 day in length unless there are exceptional circumstances  
  • Running costs of institutions, endowments or underwriting deficits 

For any questions, email NYAllocAdmin@claimscon.org (for all countries other than Israel) or REDIsrael@claimscon.org (for grants within Israel only).