Applications for Claims Conference Grants

Claims Conference grants are specifically for organizations that assist Jewish Nazi victims and projects that promote research, education & documentation of the Shoah. Generally, the Claims Conference does not provide direct funding to individuals to enable participation on trips to sites of Nazi atrocities.

These application forms are NOT for individuals in need of assistance. To find assistance for individual Holocaust survivors, view our list of social service agencies or contact us directly at: 646-536-9100, email:

Please Note:

If the application deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, the application will be due the first business day immediately following the deadline date.

Data collected in the application forms may be used in determining grants from various sources including the German government and the Successor Organization.

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Application Deadlines

Shoah Film & Research, Education & Documentation Projects

Annual deadline: March 1
(March 15 for film grants only)

There will only be one application deadline for the 2025 calendar year, therefore all applicants must apply by March 1, 2024 (March 15, 2024 for film grants) if they are requesting funding for 2025.

Social Welfare Projects for Holocaust Survivors

Annual deadline: June 1

There will only be one application deadline per calendar year. Applicants requesting funding for next year must apply by June 1.

Applications will be available 4-6 weeks prior to each deadline.

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