Archival Accessibility Projects

Projects focusing on making archival material publicly available online.

Only institutes outside of Israel may apply.

Archival Accessibility in Israel

Israeli archives that have not applied since 2019 must contact the Jerusalem office (02-671-2711) before applying.

Permanent Exhibitions

Includes the creation of virtual tours.

Only if there is no similar exhibition in the nearby area.

Traveling Exhibitions / Temporary Exhibitions

 For Temporary Exhibitions, priority will be given to exhibitions designed with the ability to travel.

Virtual Exhibitions

Creation for use at the institute or in another location.

Recording of New Testimonies

Includes interviews with Holocaust survivors, liberators, and other witnesses not previously recorded, or in which new information is available from previously recorded testimonies.

For questions, contact (for all countries other than Israel) or (for grants within Israel only) to discuss proper categorization for your application.

Apply on the Fluxx portal