Applications for Claims Conference Allocations (Grants)

Claims Conference grants allocations (grants) are specifically for organizations that assist Nazi victims and projects that promote research, education & documentation of the Shoah. Generally, the Claims Conference does not provide direct funding to individuals to enable participation on trips to sites of Nazi atrocities.

These application forms are NOT for individuals in need of assistance. To find assistance for individual Holocaust survivors,  view our map of social service agencies or contact us directly at: 646-536-9100, email:

The Social Welfare application deadline is November 1 for a Spring decision, and April 1 for a Fall decision.

We are updating the application process and will have new instructions available towards the end of September.  Please check back after September 19.

Please note the following regarding applications for capital projects in Israel and Shoah research, education and documentation applications: 

The Claims Conference is not currently accepting applications for new Research, Education and Documentation projects. However, renewal applications and film applications will be accepted.

Please check this website for updates as to the next deadline for the submission of applications.

In addition, the Claims Conference is currently reviewing its funding priorities and criteria for all capital projects (including vehicles and equipment.)  Thus no capital funding requests for will be reviewed in spring 2016. We recommend you check this  website in summer 2016 when we anticipate posting the updated guidelines and criteria. The policy review is due to the realization that dwindling Successor Organization funds mean that the Claims Conference will have to focus on the most urgent immediate needs of victims.

Film Projects (individual filmmakers eligible to apply)

Applications can be postmarked the day of the deadline (October 1 or April 1). If the application deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, the application will be due the Monday immediately following the deadline date.

For applications in Israel, please send the application to the following address:

Claims Conference
P.O.B. 20005
Tel Aviv, Israel

If you have questions after submitting your application, please contact Zvi Inbar at 02-671-2711 or at

For applications in All Other Countries, please send the application to the following address:

Allocations Department
Claims Conference
1359 Broadway, Room 2000
New York, NY 10018

If you have questions after submitting your application, please contact Linda Gates at 646-485-2058 or at

Please note that data collected in the application forms may be used in determining allocations from sources other than the Successor Organization.