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Please review all information on this page before applying

Hardship Fund Supplemental Payment 

The Claims Conference will be mailing application forms specifically for the Hardship Fund Supplemental Payment.

Please use the application form you receive in the mail. Do not apply for this payment using the application form on this page.

Please read the FAQ

Ответы на часто задаваемые вопросы


The Claims Conference uses one application form for most pension, one-time payments and social services, but there are several programs that require specific forms. *Please see the note below for exceptions when you should not use the application form on this page.

If you need help with your application, please see:

For most programs, download the universal application form below
in your preferred language. *Please see exceptions below.

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Please do not fill in the application form above if you are applying for the following programs:

Programs administered by the German Government including Ghetto Pension/ZRBG, BADV
Do not use the application form on this page.
Learn more here

Hardship Fund Supplemental Payment -The Claims Conference will mail this application form to qualified applicants. Do not use the application form on this page.
Learn more here

Spouse of Holocaust Survivor FundDo not use the application form on this page. Learn more and apply here


The applicant’s signature must be notarized or certified by a notary public, bank, German consulate or a Jewish social service agency possessing a seal.
See a full list of certifying authorities.

No fee to apply

There is no fee to apply for compensation from the Claims Conference. You do not need to pay anyone for this application form and you are not required to obtain assistance in completing and/or submitting this application form.

If you need assistance, you may receive it free of charge either by contacting us or a local help center in your area.

“Doctor’s Form” for Authorized Representative/ Power of Attorney

If an applicant is unable to sign this application form, an authorized representative may sign on his/her behalf. See full instructions for authorized representatives.

*Note-only complete this form if you are an authorized representative. If the applicant can sign the form himself/herself, the doctor’s form is not required.