Claims Conference University Partnership Program in Holocaust Studies

The Claims Conference provides grant funds to European universities for the purposes of teaching Holocaust courses for one year and is currently seeking universities that are interested in creating a partnership for the 2021-2022 academic year.

In order to be eligible for this round, the university must:

  • be Eastern European-based and well established
  • be a public (government-supported) university
  • have an established History or other Humanities-related department
  • be offering no more than one Holocaust course throughout the university
  • be able to accept funds from the Claims Conference to pay the chosen lecturer directly (the Claims Conference will not pay the lecturer)

The Claims Conference will offer a maximum amount of $25,000 to:

1) create a new full-time lecturer position to start in September of 2021 and end in June of 2022. The lecturer will be expected to teach at least 3 Holocaust courses in the university, including one course that must be an Introduction to Holocaust in a Bachelor level program. The other courses can either be in a Bachelor or Master level program. The courses should be taught in the language that the majority of students understand. The lecturer must also offer 4 seminars open to the public, with the support of the university. The university will not be able to add to the lecturer’s responsibilities beyond those related to teaching these courses, unless the university offers the lecturer a stipend.


2) combine the above Holocaust teaching position with an already existing lecturer position at your university.

The lecturer and the curricula must be approved by the Claims Conference. While there is a possibility of a second year of funding for this position, it is expected that the university will look for additional funding sources in order to make this position a permanent one.

Application deadline for University Partnership in Holocaust Studies: November 9, 2020

All applications must now be completed in the Fluxx portal system.

How to apply

  1. Please visit:
  2. Go to University Partnership and enter your information.
  3. Wait for an email from Fluxx with your ‘credentials’ and then begin your application.
  4. You will be asked, in addition to general and program-specific information, to upload the following:
    Your CV, your university’s Academic Freedom Policy (please include the original and English translation), the CVs of any lecturer/s whom you are recommending for the lecturer position, and a letter signed by your department head. (See details in Fluxx.

If you have any problems with Fluxx, please email

If you have any questions about the program, please email Chavie Brumer at