Fund for Victims of Medical Experiments and Other Injuries

Please note: This program is closed.

In 2005, the Claims Conference concluded payments from the Fund for Victims of Medical Experiments and Other Injuries. The Fund was part of the German Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and the Future” and was administered by the Claims Conference for Jewish claimants (aside from those in the Czech Republic, Poland, and the former Soviet Union).

In 2004, the Claims Conference had paid 2,488 Jewish victims of Nazi medical experiments each €4,243 (approximately $5,400), for a total of approximately €10.6 million (approximately $13 million). In early 2005, second payments of €2,450 (approximately $3,200) were made to 2,432 survivors, for a total of €6 million (approximately $7.7 million). The Claims Conference also approved 123 heirs of victims for payment under this program.

Read testimony from those who were subjected to medical experiments. (Warning: Graphic content may be disturbing to some.)

January 1, 2007