Closed Programs


The following programs were administered by the Claims Conference in the past but presently are CLOSED TO NEW APPLICANTS. These pages are for informational purposes only.

Read about the direct compensation programs we currently administer.

  • Austrian Bank Fund

    The Austrian bank Österreichische Creditanstalt – Wiener Bankverein was taken over by the Nazis in 1938 following the Anschluss and renamed the Creditanstalt Bankverein (CABV). During World War II, the CABV expanded into the Czech Lands, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Yugoslavia, Romania and Bulgaria. By 1942, it fell fully under the control of the Deutsche Bank. Over the last 50 years, many pre-Anschluss Jewish account ...
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  • Austrian General Settlement Fund (GSF)

    Please note: This program is closed. In 2000, the Claims Conference intensified its property negotiations with Austria, contending that over the last 50 years Austria had not adequately addressed the major material losses of its Jewish population during the Holocaust. Not only was the First Republic unable to protect a part of its citizens from traumatic deportation and annihilation – some of which was perpetrated by ...
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  • Austrian National Fund

    Various initiatives began during Kurt Waldheim’s controversial presidency (1986-1991) on the question of what could still be done for surviving Austrian Nazi victims. Procedures began in the Austrian Parliament to emphasize Austria’s responsibility for Nazi crimes perpetrated on some of its citizens. The 2nd National President of Parliament, People’s Party member Heinrich Neisser, made an appeal for a fund to benefit all Austrian Nazi victims, regardless ...
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  • Austrian Slave and Forced Labor Fund

    Following Germany’s example in grappling with the issue of compensating former slave and forced laborers under the Nazis, the Austrian government commissioned historians to research slave and forced labor in Austria during World War II. Their reports were issued in 2000:
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  • Budapest Fund

    Budapest Fund
    A Hungarian gendarme checks a woman entering the Munkács ghetto Photo: Yad Vashem Please note: This program is closed. The Claims Conference Budapest Fund made one-time payment of €1900 to Nazi victims who were persecuted as a Jew in Budapest at any time during the period from March 1944 to January 1945 and met the following eligibility criteria: The Budapest Fund shall only make payments to persons who ...
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  • Dutch Railway Compensation

    This program is now closed. The following information is for historical purposes only. The Claims Conference wishes to inform Holocaust survivors and the families or heirs of Holocaust victims, who were transported to concentration and extermination camps during World War II by Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS), the Dutch state railway company, that they may be eligible to receive a lump-sum payment from a fund established by NS. ...
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  • Fund for Victims of Medical Experiments and Other Injuries

    Fund for Victims of Medical Experiments and Other Injuries
    In 2005, the Claims Conference concluded payments from the Fund for Victims of Medical Experiments and Other Injuries. The Fund was part of the German Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and the Future” and was administered by the Claims Conference for Jewish claimants (aside from those in the Czech Republic, Poland, and the former Soviet Union).
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  • Insurance Claims – ICHEIC

    Please note: The claims and appeals process for ICHEIC has closed. In 1998, together with U.S. insurance regulators, representatives of the State of Israel and the World Jewish Restitution Organization (WJRO), the Claims Conference was involved in the establishment of the International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims (ICHEIC) in order to resolve disputes over unpaid insurance policies issued by a number of major European insurance ...
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  • Mauerbach Hardship Fund

    Together with the Federation of Jewish Communities in Austria, the Claims Conference continues to press for the return of all Nazi-looted art objects to former owners or their heirs and for the sale of unclaimed objects for the benefit of victims of Nazi persecution in and from Austria. In 1986, the Claims Conference met with Austrian Chancellor Fred Sinowatz to press for legislation to enable owners ...
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  • Slave and Forced Laborers

    Slave and Forced Laborers
    The Claims Conference Program for Former Slave and Forced Laborers began in 2000, after German government and industry agreed to a DM 10 billion fund to compensate surviving former laborers under the Nazis. The Claims Conference was a major party in the protracted negotiations that led to the agreement.
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  • Swiss Banks Settlement

    Swiss Banks Settlement
    In late 1996 and early 1997, a series of class action lawsuits were filed in United States District Court against three Swiss banks. The suits alleged that the Swiss banks knowingly retained and concealed assets of Holocaust victims, and collaborated with and aided the Third Reich by accepting and laundering illegally obtained Nazi assets and profits of slave labor.
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  • Swiss Banks Settlement: Refugee Class

    Please note: The Swiss Refugee Program is closed.  Compensation for Jewish Refugees Who Fled to Switzerland to Escape the Nazis The program compensated Jews who fled to Switzerland to escape the Nazis and were turned back at the border, expelled from the country, or mistreated while there. From December 2001 through early 2005, the Claims Conference paid a total of $10.6 million to 3,858 former refugees. These refugees ...
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