Social Service Programs

  • A Commitment to Caring for Holocaust Victims Worldwide

    The Claims Conference is the only organization in the world specifically dedicated to aiding elderly Holocaust victims in 47 countries, through allocations to a network of local partner organizations.

    Funds for vital services, such as homecare, food and medical care, come primarily as a result of negotiations with the German government and proceeds from the sales of recovered Jewish properties in the former East Germany, but also from a number of other government, corporate and foundation sources.

  • Homecare Services

    Hana JuricaWe provide funding to agencies that arrange homecare for Nazi victims so they can stay in their homes and age with dignity. Learn more about homecare services and find an agency near you.

  • Grants Database

  • Café Europa

  • Righteous Gentiles Program

    Sidney Zoltak and his family with one of the rescuers (bottom right) who helped hide him for 14 months.The Righteous Gentiles program aids non-Jews in-need, who risked their own lives to save Jewish lives during the Holocaust.