Paneem Digital Certification FAQs for Pension Recipients

What is PANEEM?

PANEEM is a brand new contactless, secure, fast, and paperless online identity verification system. In time, PANEEM will replace our paper life certificates.

How do I access PANEEM?

You may access PANEEM at on a smart-phone, computer, or laptop with a camera. If you have a mobile phone, PANEEM is also available as an app you can download to your iPhone or Android device from the Apple or Google App Store by searching for PANEEM.

Where do I find my registration number?

It is included in all correspondence with the Claims Conference, specifically on the letter we sent you regarding PANEEM.

How do I know which Date of Birth to use?

In the letter regarding PANEEM we sent you the date of birth we have on record for you. Please be sure to use the following format: MM/DD/YYYY

How do I know that I completed PANEEM successfully?

PANEEM sends a confirmation email to let users know that they have completed the process. In some cases, where after reviewing your attempt, the system cannot approve the verification, we may ask you, by email or mail, to do PANEEM again.

What if I can’t successfully use PANEEM?

It is understandable that this new technology might be difficult for some to complete this year. Please try to use PANEEM at least once to verify your proof of life. If you are unable to successfully use PANEEM, or if you do not have access to the necessary technology, simply visit the Claims Conference’s website, , fill out the paper life certificate request form, and we will send you a paper life certificate for you to complete for this year’s cycle. You may also call or email us to request a paper life certificate. However, you should be aware that in the future we will continue to ask you to use PANEEM to verify your identity.

Helpful Technology Tips

Tips on how to successfully complete the face scan

  • Check that your Wifi is allowing PANEEM to work, may have to turn off Wifi.
  • Ensure that there is good lighting (not too dark or too bright)
  • Remove anything that obscures your face (hat/glasses/mask)
  • Lean mobile device against a flat surface if it is difficult to hold it still 
  • Sit directly across from the mobile device to face the camera with your full face in view
  • Wipe the camera with a tissue to remove blur

Tips on how to successfully complete the document scan

  • Make sure the whole document appears in the frame and is readable. 
  • Do not hold the document immediately in front of the camera – it will make the image appear blurry; move back slightly before taking the image. 
  • Do not cover the document with your fingers
  • Lay the document on a blank, flat surface and position your phone directly over the document to capture the image
  • Make sure that it is not too dark or too bright (if there is glare on the image it may not be readable)