PANEEM Digital Certification

Frequently Asked Questions: Hardship Fund Supplemental payment recipients

What is PANEEM?

  • PANEEM is a secure online tool to verify your identity using a mobile or desktop application. It is a completely confidential tool designed to make the process of identity verification easier.

Why do I need to use PANEEM?

  • A verification of your identity is required by the German government, which is the source of your compensation and/or services, in order to continue receiving your payments and services. Please only use PANEEM if you received an email or letter requesting that you verify your identity using PANEEM.

What is the advantage of using PANEEM as my identity verification?

  • PANEEM is a secure, paperless, fast and straightforward procedure to verify your identity.

How does PANEEM work?

  • You will first need to enter your registration number (found on any correspondence from the Claims Conference), date of birth, and an email address for notifications. Then, the program will ask you to take a secure picture of both your face and your passport. Finally, you will receive a confirmation email from PANEEM!

Where do I find and download PANEEM?

  • There are two versions of the App:
    • Search for PANEEM on the application store (iOS and Android)
    • You can also access this program at on a camera equipped computer.

How will I know that my Digital Certification was completed successfully?

  • During the verification procedure you will be asked to provide an email address.  We will send an acknowledgement of completion to this email address.

Who do I contact if I have questions about using PANEEM?