PANEEM Digital Certification

Frequently Asked Questions: Hardship Fund Supplemental payment recipients

What is PANEEM?

PANEEM is a secure, fast and paperless online identity verification system. It is designed to make the process of identity verification easier so that you will be able to receive your compensation payment faster.

Why do I need to use PANEEM?

A verification of your identity is required by the German government, which is the source of your compensation and/or services, in order to continue receiving your payments and services. Please only use PANEEM if you received an email or letter requesting that you verify your identity using PANEEM.

What do I need to do PANEEM?

  • Your Claims Conference 7-digit registration number (found on any correspondence from the Claims Conference);
  • Government-issued photo identity document (An identity document must have a photo, date of birth and can be used even if it is expired. Some examples include: a passport, driver’s license, naturalization certificate, state identity document, Green Card);
  • Date of birth;
  • An email address or a phone number for notifications of PANEEM results;
  • Mobile phone, tablet or computer that is connected to the internet and has a camera

Where do I find my registration number?

It is a 7-digit number that is included in all correspondence with the Claims Conference, specifically on the letter we sent you regarding PANEEM.

How do I know which date of birth to use?

In the letter regarding PANEEM we sent you the date of birth we have on record for you. Please be sure to use the following format: month/date/year (for example, for December 1, 1940 — enter 12/01/1940). If your current identity document has a different date of birth that is indicated in our letter, please contact the Claims Conference immediately.

How do I access PANEEM?

First, please make sure you have a device that is connected to the internet. You may access PANEEM at our website on a smart-phone, computer or laptop with a camera.

If you have a smart-phone or a tablet, PANEEM is also available as an app you can download from the Apple App Store to your iPhone and iPad or Google Play Store to an Android device by searching for PANEEM.

Where can I get instructions on how to register/authenticate for PANEEM?

What is the difference between REGISTER and AUTHENTICATE?

Register is what you need to do the first time you use PANEEM.

First, you need to download the app if you are using a smart-phone or iPad or go to our website. Second, you need to provide a photograph of yourself and the front of your government-issued-ID. In instances where there’s personal information (such as date of birth) on the back of the identity document you will need to take a picture of the back of your identity document as well.

Authenticate is what you need to do if you’ve registered for PANEEM successfully in the past. In this case you should be able to go directly to the app or website and input your registration number, date of birth and take the picture of your face. You will not need to scan your identity document.

When must I register by for this next Hardship Fund Supplemental payment?

Valid proof of life should be submitted by December 31, 2023. This will help to expedite the payment process.

How do I get HFS in 2023?

If you received HFS 2021 & 2022 payments, the only requirement to receive HFS 2023 payment is validation through PANEEM. A letter will be sent to your last known address on file at the Claims Conference and all you need to do is validate with PANEEM. Please be sure to always send written and signed notification to the Claims Conference if you have a change of address or bank account. Contact information is at the bottom of this page.

What is the timing for the HFS 2023 payment?

Every eligible survivor should validate via PANEEM as soon as they can. Once validated, it should take eight to ten weeks to receive the payment. The first group of payments will be made during the first week of April. If you have validated but did not receive the payment, there will be additional payments every month. If 10 weeks have passed since the PANEEM validation and no payment is received, please contact the Claims Conference.

Are heirs entitled to the HFS 2023 payment?

HFS recipients must be alive at the time of the 2023 HFS payment; heirs are not eligible to receive the 2023 HFS payment. Exception: Heirs may be eligible to receive the 2023 HFS payment if the claimant has applied for the first time and the application form was still being processed when the claimant passes.

How will I know that my Digital Certification was completed successfully?

During the verification procedure you will be asked to provide an email address.  We will send an acknowledgement of completion to this email address.

Who do I contact if I have questions about using PANEEM?

  • Via Phone:
    • +1-646-536-9100 (United States)
    • +972-(3)-519-4400 (Tel Aviv from outside Israel)
    • 03-519-4400 (Tel Aviv from within Israel)
    • +49 69 970 7010 (Frankfurt)
  • Via Email:
  • You may also contact your local Jewish social service agency or Hesed in your area. If you need the contact information for your local social service agency or Hesed, please call, email or fax the appropriate regional Claims Conference office, or click this link: