Child Survivor Fund: Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible?

This fund is open to Jewish Nazi victims who were persecuted as Jews and were born January 1, 1928 or later AND who suffered one of the following types of persecution:

(I) Were in a concentration camp; or

(II) Were in a ghetto (or similar place of incarceration in accordance with the German Slave Labor Program); or

(III) Were in hiding or living under false identity/illegality for a period of at least 6 months in Nazi-occupied or Axis countries; or

(IV) Were a fetus during time that their mother suffered persecution as described above.

What is the payment?

Eligible applicants are entitled to a one-time payment of euro 2,500.

I was born earlier than 1928 – why was this specific birth year chosen?

This is the date agreed to by the German government in negotiations with the Claims Conference. 1928 is the year child survivor organizations use to define themselves.

Can an heir apply?

No, applications can only be submitted by survivors.

Are heirs entitled?

If the child survivor applied, is eligible, and subsequently dies, the surviving spouse is entitled to payment. If there is no surviving spouse, the child(ren) of the eligible child survivor is entitled to the payment.

Is there an income limit?


Will this replace other payments that I receive?

The Child Survivor Fund issues a one-time payment that is in addition to any other compensation payments you may receive.

I have received previous compensation payments or I am currently receiving payments from the Claims Conference or the German government. Do I need to request an application?

Previous payment from the Claims Conference is not a guarantee that you will be eligible for this program.

Where do I get an application?

If you have not received previous compensation payments and wish to apply for the Child Survivor Fund, you can use the application posted on our website. Please contact us for more information.

Can I use the form my friend/relative received in the mail?

Please do not use a form sent to anyone other than you. Doing so will only lead to delays in the processing of your claim. Information on the form is particular to you and using another person’s form will cause delay in the processing of both.

What if the applicant is incapacitated and cannot sign the application form?

The application can be signed by an authorized representative or a Power of Attorney holder. Along with the application form, please submit the following:

  • a copy of the Power of Attorney document (other document granting legal guardianship); and
  • a copy of the authorized representative’s government issued ID; and
  • either a note signed and written on letterhead from a doctor or medical professional caring for the applicant or a recent copy of a bill or bank statement in the applicant’s name.

Is there a cost to apply?

No, application forms are free. There is no cost to apply.

Do I need a lawyer?


Who can help me if I need assistance?

We can refer you to a local social service agency that can help you. You may also find a local social service agency on our website.

Will there be an appeals process?

Yes, there will be an independent appeals process.  If you receive a rejection letter, it will include the contact information and required timeframe for the independent appeals authority.

Is there a deadline to apply?

Currently, there is no deadline.  However, one may be imposed at a later date. 

I received the form but lost it. What should I do?

Contact us to request a form.

Where do I send the form?

For current residents of Israel

Claims Conference
P.O. Box 29254
Tel Aviv, 6129201

For current residents of Europe

Claims Conference
Postfach 90 05 68
D-60445 Frankfurt

For current residents of the former Soviet Union

Claims Conference
Postfach 90 05 68
D-60445 Frankfurt

For current residents of all countries EXCEPT Israel and Europe

Claims Conference
PO Box 1215
New York, NY 10113

When can I find out that you received my form?

We have received thousands of Child Survivor Fund applications and the processing of these applications will take significant time. You should receive an acknowledgement letter within eight (8) weeks of submitting your application form.  If you have not received an acknowledgement letter within 8 weeks, please contact the Claims Conference.