Shoah Research, Education and Documentation

Preserving the Memory of Those Who Perished

Through its contributions to leading institutions that have expertise in Holocaust research, education, and documentation, the Claims Conference seeks to ensure that future generations learn about the Holocaust.

As the Shoah recedes from memory to history, it is crucial that future generations have available the records, photos, and other materials that institutions are still able to assemble today.

Holocaust Film

The Claims Conference provides film grants as part of our ongoing support for Holocaust education, documentation and research.

Kavod Magazine

A journal for professionals who care for aging Holocaust survivors and their families

Education: Passing on the Knowledge

Ireland Teacher Training

We support teacher training programs to provide educators with the tools they need to preserve the memory and lessons of the Shoah.


With the passing of time, the preservation of documents and testimony relating to the Shoah has assumed great urgency.

Academic Fellowships

Claims Conference Academic Fellowships are awarded to outstanding candidates with a strong personal commitment to Shoah memory

Research and Publication

The Provenance Research Training Program

The Claims Conference supports scholars and major research institutions in researching pre-war Europe and North Africa in its relationship to the Shoah and the Shoah’s immediate aftermath.

Projects We Support

A Town Known As Auschwitz

Learn about some of the projects in Shoah research, education and documentation supported by the Claims Conference.

Holocaust Knowledge and AwarenessStudies

Canada Study

The Claims Conference has produced five studies examining Holocaust knowledge and education worldwide