Who We Help

  • Survivor Story: Lilia Neuman

    Survivor Story: Lilia Neuman
      Lilia Neuman of Sweden smiles when she talks about her social worker, saying that she “helps me with everything. It’s a blessing to have her here.” This vital assistance, provided ...
  • Survivor Story: Hedi Frankl

    Survivor Story: Hedi Frankl
    Hedi holds a picture of her parents, one of the few mementos she has from her family. All but one brother were murdered at Auschwitz. Photo: Paul Lang Hedi Frankl pretended ...
  • Survivor Story: Aviva Goldschmidt

    Survivor Story: Aviva Goldschmidt
    Aviva Goldschmidt remembers every day the fear of being a small child who was told that any sound she made could mean discovery and death.
  • Survivor Story: Shoshana Ceizler

    Survivor Story: Shoshana Ceizler
    It was raining hard on Shabbat, June 1, 1944 when Shoshana and her family were taken out of their homes in the ghetto in Košice, Czechoslovakia with the other Jews ...
  • Survivor Story: Wassili Michailowski

    Survivor Story: Wassili Michailowski
    Wassili Michailowski, a survivor of the massacre at Babi Yar, shows a picture of himself as a child with his parents before the Holocaust. Photo: Masha Stahlberg, n-ost
  • Trauma of Life After Hiding

    Trauma of Life After Hiding
    Hans Vischjager decided in 2014 to apply to the Article 2 Fund and began receiving payment in 2015. First Payment to a Survivor Made in Sri Lanka The Claims Conference recently made ...
  • Survivor Story: Lucia Heilman

    Survivor Story: Lucia Heilman
    Living Through the Nazi Annexation of Austria “On March 12, German troops marched into Austria. I was eight years old. As I reached the vicinity of Helden-Platz I couldn’t go any further ...
  • Survivor Story: Toman Brod

    Survivor Story: Toman Brod
    Before the Holocaust Toman Brod, born in 1929, grew up in a well-to-do assimilated Jewish family in Prague, which he described as “an idyllic city” before the war. He never experienced ...
  • Survivor Story: Anne Kelemen

    Survivor Story: Anne Kelemen
    Anne Kelemen, 90, lived through Kristallnacht in Vienna and then left for England in May 1939 as part of the Kindertransport. The trauma she suffered by being separated from her ...
  • Survivor Story: Elza Gorbanov

    Survivor Story: Elza Gorbanov
    Elza Had to Flee Her Home During the Holocaust, and Then Was Forced to Flee Again From the Conflict in Ukraine Elza Gorbanov fled from the Nazis as a young girl living in ...
  • Survivor Story: Ora Ninio

    Survivor Story: Ora Ninio
    As a young child forced to hide from the Nazis in France, Ora Ninio of Jerusalem – then a little girl called Clair-Clara Ridnik – was told to keep quiet. ...
  • Assia Jassioukevitch, Berlin

    Assia Jassioukevitch, Berlin
    Assia Jassioukevitch was just 14 when the Nazis arrived at her Ukrainian village. She survived a mass execution of the village’s Jews, only to be captured and deported to a ...
  • Agnes Ruben, Denmark

    Agnes Ruben, Denmark
    Agnes Ruben was a young girl of 12 in late 1943, living in Copenhagen, when the Nazis made plans to round up and deport the country’s 7,800 Jews.  Agnes’s countrymen ...
  • Ludwik Brylant

    Ludwik Brylant
    As a child of 8, Ludwik Brylant escaped from the Warsaw Ghetto and survived the Shoah in hiding. Now 81 years old and living in Lublin, Ludwik receives services from ...
  • Katarzyna Meloch-Jackl

    Katarzyna Meloch-Jackl
    Katarzyna Meloch-Jackl of Warsaw says she has to live until 90 because she has so much to write about Jewish history and the Shoah. The homecare help she receives from ...
  • Volunteer Visitor Bonds With Survivor

    In Israel, Hillel, the Jewish university student organization, has found a way to make the vital connection between young people and survivors so the stories of the Shoah may continue ...
  • Survivor Story: Georgette Hancock

    Survivor Story: Georgette Hancock
    Georgette Hancock lives alone in Portland, Oregon, after her daughter, son-in-law and four grandchildren recently moved away. But Georgette says the staff at Jewish Family & Child Service in Portland ...
  • Survivor Story: Rosa Lindenberg

    Survivor Story: Rosa Lindenberg
    Rosa Lindenberg and her husband, Leo, both Holocaust survivors, did everything they were supposed to do to save for retirement and their old age. Unfortunately, due to Leo’s prolonged illness, ...
  • Survivor Story: Penina Nash

    Survivor Story: Penina Nash
    Penina Nash of Israel was a 5-year-old girl, living with her family in Poland when the Nazis invaded in September 1939. As the German Army advanced, Jews fled eastward through ...
  • Survivor Story: Ilja Altman

    Survivor Story: Ilja Altman
    Ilja Altman worked all his life as a music teacher in his native Moldova, but now struggles to pay for medications for his heart condition. Claims Conference compensation payments and ...
  • Survivor Story: Manya Dessau

    Survivor Story: Manya Dessau
    When Manya Dessau turned to JewishCare in Melbourne, Australia for help with medicine expenses, the agency discovered that she was suffering from chronic lower body pain and was struggling to ...
  • Survivor Story: Hanna Jurica

    Survivor Story: Hanna Jurica
    During the Holocaust At 16, Hanna Jurica, her parents and eight siblings were forced into the ghetto in Lodz, Poland. While Hanna and her siblings were able to work in exchange ...
  • Survivor Story: Isaac Enrique Havilio

    Survivor Story: Isaac Enrique Havilio
    Isaac’s Story Isaac Enrique Havilio once had one of the most important import/export businesses in Argentina. But after that country’s financial crisis of 2002, he went bankrupt and lost his life ...
  • Survivor Story: Sarra Miskatel

    Survivor Story: Sarra Miskatel
    Sarra Miskatel passed away in August 2022, z”l. May her memory be for a blessing. Sarra Miskatel, recovering from a broken arm and leg, anxiously awaits her pension payments from the ...
  • Survivor Story: Yvette Anavi

    Survivor Story: Yvette Anavi
    Yvette passed away in December of 2020. Z”l May her memory be for a blessing. At age 92, Yvette Anavi of Plovdiv, Bulgaria is still quite active and talkative, writing a ...
  • Survivor Story: Rene Hammond

    Survivor Story: Rene Hammond
    Growing up in Czechoslovakia, Rene Hammond, née Koenigsberg, learned in school to speak fluent Hungarian, Czech, and English – skills she says equipped her for survival after the Nazis invaded. On ...
  • Survivor Story: Luba Shmulburd

    Survivor Story: Luba Shmulburd
    In 1941, at age 12, Luba was forced to flee her native Vinnitsa, Ukraine to escape almost certain death at the hands of the Nazis.