The Federation of Jewish Communities in Serbia is the representative body of ten local Jewish community branches in Serbia.  The organization coordinates a healthcare project to provide welfare services for Nazi victims who are not covered by government health insurance. The public health services in the region are in critical condition due to a lack of funds, causing a severe shortage of medications in public and private facilities and the inability to offer proper medical care.

The healthcare project is supervised by a commission comprised of three physicians, a pharmacist and a Holocaust survivor representative which focuses on reimbursing needy Nazi victims’ medical services, including medical consultations and examinations, surgical procedures, rehabilitation, dental care, and medical devices, equipment and supplies. As part of the project, needy Nazi victims are also reimbursed for medications because they cannot afford to pay for them due to their meager pensions. The agency also provides homecare for frail and homebound Nazi victims in Belgrade and the provinces. Additional services offered by the organization include case management, emergency assistance , and a socialization program.

Since September 2005, the Claims Conference has allocated funds to the Jewish Community of Belgrade for daily hot meals at the community-run kosher canteen and meal and food delivery to homebound Nazi victims.