Article 2 Fund

Eligibility, Instructions & Application Form

There is no fee to apply for compensation from the Claims Conference. You do not need to pay anyone for this application form and you are not required to obtain assistance in completing and/or submitting this application form. If you need assistance to apply, you may contact your local Claims Conference or Liaison office listed below – without any fee. 


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 Important: The applicant’s signature must be notarized or confirmed by a notary public, bank, German consulate or a Jewish social service agency possessing a seal. For those who are homebound, the written confirmation of the applicant’s signature by an attending physician is sufficient.

  Where To Get Help

Residents of Israel to:
Claims Conference
P.O. Box 29254 Tel Aviv, Israel 6129201
Tel: 03-519-4400
Fax: 03-624-1056

All others to:
Claims Conference
Hardship Fund
Graefstrasse 97
60487 Frankfurt am Main
Tel.: ++49+69-71374830
Fax: ++49+69-721104

or to:
Claims Conference
Hardship Fund
1359 Broadway, Suite 2000
New York, NY 10018
Tel: ++1-646-536-9100
Fax: ++1- 212-685-5299