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Austrian Social Welfare Benefits

Social Welfare Benefits for Austrian Jewish Survivors The Claims Conference has urged every Austrian government since the 1950s to increase its social welfare benefits for elderly Austrian Nazi victims who were expelled from the country or fled following the Anschluss. Austrian Pensions Improvements negotiated in social insurance legislation include the right to buy back work months […]

ZRBG How to Apply

Note: These payments ARE NOT administered by the Claims Conference. Download application forms: Claim Form in English/German for Former Ghetto Workers Residing Outside Germany – ZRBG 100En Claim Form in English/German for Former Ghetto Workers Residing Outside Germany (Short Version) – ZRBG 110En Claim Form in English/German for Widow/Widower of Former Ghetto Workers Residing Outside […]

Swiss Banks Settlement

In late 1996 and early 1997, a series of class action lawsuits were filed in United States District Court against three Swiss banks. The suits alleged that the Swiss banks knowingly retained and concealed assets of Holocaust victims, and collaborated with and aided the Third Reich by accepting and laundering illegally obtained Nazi assets and profits of slave labor.

Supplemental Hardship Fund Payment: Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for additional answers to questions about the second payment 1) Who is eligible for this payment? Anyone who is alive and has been approved for a Hardship Fund Payment OR received a one-time payment from the BEG and does not receive a pension as compensation for persecution during the Holocaust.  2) If […]


Activity Direct compensation payments are made from the Article 2 Fund, the Hardship Fund and the Child Survivor Fund. Toronto Claims Conference grants to home care provider, Circle of Care enable Holocaust survivors to remain in their own homes. Services provided include home care, case management, medical programs, transportation for medical appointments and kosher meal […]

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