Figa Kalman, 94, was in the Lodz ghetto. She receives homecare services from The Royal Society for Jewish Welfare (“Centrale”) in Belgium.

Figa Kalman was in the Lodz ghetto. She receives home care services through a Claims Conference-supported agency in Belgium.

Direct compensation payments are made from the Article 2 Fund, the Hardship Fund and the Child Survivor Fund.

Service Social Juif is the central Jewish welfare agency in Brussels. Chore/housekeeper services and personal nursing care are key elements of Service Social Juif’s programs, as an increasing number of survivors require assistance each year. Transportation services allow survivors to attend medical appointments. The agency also distributes food vouchers to eligible Jewish Nazi victims. Additionally, Claims Conference funds provide case management and emergency assistance to survivors living throughout Brussels.

The Antwerp community benefits from Claims Conference funds which help Jewish Nazi victims cover a variety of medical costs including medicine, medical programs and medical equipment.