Announcement Regarding the Executive Vice President of the Claims Conference

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March 25, 2009

After having served for 10 years as Executive Vice President of the Claims Conference, Gideon Taylor has decided to step down from his position following the meeting of the Board of Directors this July.

”Mr. Taylor has been an outstanding executive, championing the needs of Holocaust survivors in negotiations, pursuing claims for restitution, and successfully managing a large-scale operation to ensure that assistance reaches survivors around the world,” said Claims Conference Chairman Julius Berman. “During the decade of his professional leadership, the Claims Conference has achieved many great successes including the establishment of the Slave Labor Program, which distributed over $1.5 billion; liberalization and expansion of pension programs to include tens of thousands of Holocaust survivors; and restitution of hundreds of millions of dollars in victims’ assets.Gideon has shared with the Claims Conference his keen intellect, boundless energy, and integrity and has served our cause with dogged tenacity and with honor.

“The Claims Conference is strongly positioned to continue its vital work of advocating for the rights of Holocaust survivors and assisting elderly Jewish victims of Nazism around the world,” said Mr. Berman.

“It has been a remarkable decade for me, and it has been my honor and privilege to have been a small part of the tremendous effort of so many to help secure a measure of justice for Holocaust survivors.” said Mr. Taylor. “I have been extremely fortunate to work with a staff of outstanding caliber around the world, with dedicated and committed lay leadership, and with partners and colleagues who have shared our common vision and great passion. After having concluded ten years at the Claims Conference, it is now time for me to take on new and different challenges,” said Mr. Taylor.

A process for identifying a new Executive Vice President of the Claims Conference will be established.

March 25, 2009