Claims Conference Secures €12 Million For Jewish Budapest Holocaust Survivors

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August 6, 2008

In negotiations with the German government, the Claims Conference has secured payments for certain Jewish survivors of the Nazi occupation of Budapest. In recognition of the incarceration and suffering of Budapest Holocaust survivors, certain Jewish survivors of Nazi-era Budapest, who currently reside in Eastern Europe and previously did not receive any payments from certain major compensation programs (see eligibility criteria), will receive a one-time payment of €1,900 from the Claims Conference Budapest Fund.

Payments totaling approximately €12.3 million will be issued to approximately 6,500 survivors living in Hungary. The Claims Conference has been intensively pressing this issue in annual negotiations with the German government for a number of years.

To streamline the process and distribute the funds as quickly as possible, the Claims Conference has reviewed over 25,000 files to identify eligible survivors. Brief and simple waiver forms, as required by the German government, are proactively being sent by the Claims Conference to 5,790 survivors who it believes may be eligible for this payment. Survivors who believe they are eligible but do not receive this letter are encouraged to apply.

The application deadline for this program is August 6, 2009.

For more information and applications, contact:

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