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June 12, 2007

Israel Singer has advised the Chairman of the Claims Conference, Julius Berman, that he does not plan to seek reelection as President of the Claims Conference at the forthcoming meeting of the Board of Directors in July 2007.

The Chairman of the Claims Conference acknowledged the tremendous service that Israel Singer has done on behalf of Holocaust survivors and the Jewish people and paid tribute to the remarkable achievements that arose out of the international negotiations carried out under his direction. These negotiations have made a difference in hundreds of thousands of Jewish lives around the world.

Taking into account the importance of the position of the President, the Claims Conference Nominating Committee recommends that a special committee be established to identify individuals who have the necessary qualifications to serve in this position.

Given the significance of the issue, adequate time for review of potential candidates is necessary. Therefore, although this process will not be completed by the forthcoming meeting of the Board in July, the special committee should make its recommendation to a special meeting of the Board of Directors once the process is complete.