The Survivor Speakers Bureau connects Holocaust survivors willing and able to tell their vital stories with the audiences who want to hear them, wherever they may be.

How It Works

To request a survivor speaker, please follow the steps below.


First, please register your institution. Select “Get Started” to access the intake form.

Enter Details

Once you have registered, input the details of your request.

Follow up

A Survivor Engagement Coordinator will follow up with you to arrange a connection with one of our survivor speakers.

Enhance your classroom experience with lessons from those who witnessed history.

270 Survivor Speakers

We can assist you in finding a speaker whose availability aligns with your class schedule, ensuring a seamless integration of their presentation into your curriculum.

Available Virtually and
(in some areas) in Person

Survivors are available to share their stories either over Zoom or (where available) live in the classroom.

A Rich Variety of Experiences

Customizing your lesson for a specific event or location? Our survivor speakers, from diverse backgrounds worldwide, enrich your students’ learning.

Combating Disinformation and Antisemitism

Our survivor speakers witnessed a time in history when hate speech thrived. Their stories teach students the importance of seeking truth.

Immersing Students in Holocaust History

Dive deep into the heart of Holocaust history with immersive real-life experiences. Our speakers, firsthand witnesses to this dark chapter, bring the past to life, offering students a profound connection to the events that shaped our world.

Educating for the Future

Step into the world of Holocaust education with engaging real-world experiences. Through interactive personal testimonies, our speakers ignite curiosity and empathy, empowering students to become active participants in preserving history.

Accessing Survivor Testimony: Engage with History from Anywhere

Discover the power of firsthand accounts through our Survivor Speakers Bureau, where survivors share their stories over Zoom, providing flexible scheduling to align seamlessly with your classroom curriculum. Journey into history as survivors impart invaluable lessons, enriching students’ understanding and connection to the past.

“Holocaust education is crucial, especially given the current events happening around the world. My goal in sharing my own story of survival is and has always been to show the human impact, not just of the Holocaust, but of all the racist and hateful actions being taken in the world. If hearing my testimony helps one person understand that they too have a role in the events happening in their community, and they can stand up for what is right, then I feel it is worth it for me to go remember and share those terrible stories.” 

Holocaust survivor Eva Szepsi, in Germany


Is there a fee?

No. The Survivor Speakers Bureau’s services are entirely free and fully subsidized by the German government. Survivor speakers are volunteers who understand the incredible importance of telling their stories. 

How far in advance should I request a speaker? 

In order to ensure that we have enough time to find the most appropriate speaker for your group, please submit your request at least three weeks before your desired date.

Do I need any special accommodations? 

Please make sure that you have the necessary technical accommodations required for displaying a Zoom video call for your entire room. 

Where is the Survivor Speakers Bureau available? And in what languages?

The Survivor Speakers Bureau is currently available in the United States and Germany. All survivor speakers located in the United States are fluent in English and all survivor speakers located in Germany are fluent in German. Many members of the speakers bureau are also fluent in Russian, Hebrew, Dutch, French, and other languages. In the future, we hope to incorporate translation services as well.

Can I see the list of survivor speakers? 

The Claims Conference does not publicly list SSB participants to guarantee the safety, security, and privacy of our speakers. After you register and submit your request, a Survivor Engagement Coordinator will contact you privately with your speaker’s information. 

What if I have more questions?

For all other questions, please contact our Survivor Engagement Coordinators:

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Supported by the Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future and by the German Federal Ministry of Finance