Open Issues

Despite recent successes in liberalizing certain criteria for compensation programs, a number of open issues remain.

Pension Programs

The Claims Conference continues to fight for inclusion of Holocaust survivors in the Article 2 Fund and CEEF who:

  • Were in hiding and maintained a false identity for shorter periods than currently stipulated;
  • Lived under curfew or restriction of liberty, but not in camp or ghetto; and /or
  • Have income or assets in excess of the current ceiling.

Further, although there are already agreed upon increases in the pension amounts through July 2014, the Claims Conference seeks an increase of the pension amounts to be in line with average BEG payment amounts.

One-Time Payments

The Claims Conference seeks the removal of the condition of having received any previous German government payment as a prohibition for eligibility in the Hardship Fund.  There are survivors who received minimal one-time payments in the 1950s or 1960s which today prevent those survivors from receiving a payment under the Hardship Fund, or even a topping up of the original amount received to that of the Hardship Fund.

The Claims Conference also continues to negotiate a series of other administrative issues, including ones relating to these programs.