Romanian Survivor Relief Program

Auschwitz Romanian Holocaust victims

Photo: Yad Vashem

The deadline for the 2018 program has expired. No more application can be submitted for the 2018 RSRP program.

The Claims Conference recently announced the availability of funds from the Caritatea Foundation in Romania to be distributed to Jewish Nazi victims.

The Caritatea Foundation was created by the Federation of Jewish Communities in Romania and the World Jewish Restitution Organization.

These funds are from the restitution of communal properties wrongfully taken from Jewish communities of Romania during and after World War II.

The Claims Conference is administering the distribution process on behalf of the Caritatea Foundation.  The amount available is USD 1,300,000, which will be distributed equally among approved applicants.  The one-time payment is expected to be a few hundred U.S. dollars, though the exact amount cannot be calculated until the number of approved applicants has been determined.

Completed applications must be received by the Claims Conference in New York by November 30, 2018.

This program is for Jewish Nazi victims of Romanian origin currently living outside of Romania and IsraelApplicants must be alive at time of payment. Heirs are not eligible to receive payment.

Applicants must meet all of the following three criteria:

1) Must have been persecuted as a Jew;

2) Must have resided in one of the areas listed below sometime between 1937 and 1944:

a) Within the modern borders of Romania (including Northern Transylvania)
b) Northern Bukovina and Bessarabia
c) Southern Dobruja
d) Transnistria

3) Must have annual individual income below the following level in current country of residence:

Country Individual Income Country Individual Income
Argentina ARG PESO 265,851 Italy EUR 16,000
Armenia DRUM 3,708,284 Kazakhstan TENGE 1,970,340
Australia AUD 22,542 Kyrgyzstan KYR SOM 411,855
Austria EUR 16,000 Latvia EUR 6,350
Azerbaijan MANAT 10,230 Lithuania EUR 6,350
Belarus BEL RUBLE 12,063 Mexico MEX PESO 244,822
Belgium EUR 16,000 Moldova LEO 99,204
Bolivia BOLIVIANO 89,852 Netherlands EUR 16,000
Bosnia-Herzegovina BH MARK 12,263 New Zealand NZD 40,000
Brazil BR REAL 45,457 Poland ZLOTY 26,856
Bulgaria LEV 12,435 Russia RUS RUBLE 525,842
Canada CAD 33,084 Serbia SER DINAR 749,922
Chile CH PESO 7,846,800 Slovakia EUR 6,350
Croatia CR KUNA 47,122 Sweden SEK 150,872
Czech Republic CZ KORUNA 161,774 Switzerland CHF 38,346
Denmark DKK 119,632 Tunisia TUN DINAR 10,972
Estonia EUR 6,350 Turkey TURK LIRA 31,358
France EUR 16,000 Ukraine HRYVNIA 157,329
Georgia LARI 14,745 United Kingdom GBP 13,400
Germany EUR 16,000 United States USD 24,120
Greece EUR 16,000 Uruguay URU PESO 367,900
Hungary FORINT 1,987,200 Uzbekistan UZ SOM 48,498,000
Ireland EUR 16,000 Venezuela BOLIVAR 869,310,000

If you live in a country not listed above, please call the Claims Conference for guidance.

There is no fee for this application or for assistance from the Claims Conference.

Download the Application Form Here to Apply

Please download and print an application form from the link below in your preferred language.

English |Русский | Română

Please call the Claims Conference in New York +1 646 536 9100
or Frankfurt +49 69 970 7010 with any questions.

Completed applications for the Romanian Survivor Relief Program must be received at the following address by November 30, 2018.  Late applications cannot be processed.

PO Box 1215
New York, New York 10113 USA

If you have never filed an application with the Claims Conference for any other compensation programs, you will be required to complete a more extensive application prior to being considered for this Romanian Survivor Relief Program.  If this is your situation, please call the Claims Conference for guidance.

Support was provided by the Caritatea Foundation, a foundation created by the Federation of Jewish Communities in Romania and the World Jewish Restitution Organization.