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Find a Cafe Europa in Your Area

Argentina Tzedaka Foundation ArgentinaBuenos AiresTelephone: 5411 0810 777 1818 Australia Melbourne Jewish Care (Victoria)Telephone: +61 3-8517-5999 Sydney Jewish Care SydneyTelephone: +61 2-9389-0035 Austria ESRA Vienna, Telephone: +43 1-214-9014 Bosnia-Herzegovina La Benevolencija Sarajevo, Telephone: 38 73-322-9666 Brazil UNIBES Sao Paulo, Telephone: +5511 3123 7356 Website: Bulgaria Organization of Jews in Bulgaria “Shalom” Sofia,Tel.: 02/4006308 Canada […]

Caregiver Support Seminars

A video lecture series on Holocaust survivor care for families and caregivers. Topics include life planning, mental health and medical issues


#ItStartedWithWords Campaign 2021 Passover Israel 2021 Vaccinating Survivors in Israel Agnes Keleti, Holocaust Survivor and Olympian Turns 100 PaleyIMPACT: The Media’s Role in Combating Holocaust Denial, Misinformation and Antisemitism 2020 Claims Conference Year in Review International Holocaust Survivors Night 2020 (IHSN) 2020 #NoDenyingIt Social Media Campaign

Applications for Claims Conference Grants

Grant applications are available for agencies that provide social services for Holocaust survivors and for Shoah education, documentation and research

Personal Statements From Victims of Nazi Medical Experiments

The following are testimonies of living individuals who were subjected to Nazi medical experiments and who were identified by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (Claims Conference). These testimonies and those of the other identified individuals will be turned over to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (in Washington, D.C.), Yad Vashem (in Israel) and other Holocaust institutions. The individuals listed below want their experiences to become part of the historical record, but asked to keep their names private because of the sensitivity of the material.

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