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Find a Cafe Europa in Your Area

Argentina Tzedaka Foundation ArgentinaBuenos AiresTelephone: 5411 0810 777 1818 Australia Melbourne Jewish Care (Victoria)Telephone: +61 3-8517-5999 Sydney Jewish Care SydneyTelephone: +61 2-9389-0035 Austria ESRA Vienna, Telephone: +43 1-214-9014 Bosnia-Herzegovina La Benevolencija Sarajevo, Telephone: 38 73-322-9666 Brazil UNIBES Sao Paulo, Telephone: +5511 3123 7356 Website: Bulgaria Organization of Jews in Bulgaria “Shalom” Sofia,Tel.: 02/4006308 Canada […]

Services FAQs

Additional services available to Nazi victims 1. I am a Jewish victim of Nazism, and need homecare, medical services, transportation or financial assistance to meet basic needs. Does the Claims Conference pay for these services and how can I access them? Claims Conference allocations for services to Nazi victims are distributed through a global network […]

Caregiver Support Seminars

A video lecture series on Holocaust survivor care for families and caregivers. Topics include life planning, mental health and medical issues

Application FAQs

Applying for Claims Conference-administered compensation 1. I filled out a form for a Claims Conference-administered payment. Where do I mail it? · For current residents of all countries EXCEPT Israel and Europe Claims Conference PO Box 1215 New York, NY 10113 USA Tel.: (646) 536-9100 Fax: (212) 685-5299 · For current residents of Israel Claims […]

Helping Holocaust Survivors in Florida

Providing Holocaust Survivors in Florida With Needed Care Sandor and Katherine Tambor survived the horrors of the Holocaust incarcerated in Nazi concentration camps. Now living in Florida, they say that they can remain safely in their own home only with the help of a Jewish social service agency in West Palm Beach, funded by the […]

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