Control and Oversight

The Claims Conference is an American organization composed of 25 international Jewish organizations, and is subject to extensive oversight by U.S. authorities generally and by the German and Austrian authorities regarding funds provided by those governments. All the details of its finances and activities are publicly available on this website.

The Claims Conference has a number of control and oversight mechanisms:

New York State

The Claims Conference is a body incorporated since 1952 in New York State. As such, it is subject to the review and oversight of the office of the Attorney General of  New York  State.

German Federal Audit Office

The German Federal Audit Office (Bundesrechnungshof) carries out audits at its own discretion of the Claims Conference compensation programs funded by the German government. Further, these programs are reviewed by the German Ministry of Finance on an ongoing basis in view of the source of these funds.

Austrian Government

The Claims Conference is subject to review by the Austrian government concerning Austrian government funds.


The Claims Conference does not handle any Israeli government funds and as such is not subject to the oversight of any Israeli bodies. However, Claims Conference allocations of funds of the Claims Conference Successor Organization are made to Amutot in Israel – all of which are under the jurisdiction of the Israeli Registrar of Amutot.
The Claims Conference also allocates funds to institutions which are under the supervision of Israeli Government ministries. These institutions are subject to the supervision of the Israel Government State Controller.


The Claims Conference is audited by the internationally recognized accounting firm KPMG. A full copy of the audited financial statements is available on this website, as is a list of all grants made by the Claims Conference. Please visit the Claims Conference Financial Statements page on this website.

Claims Conference General Controller

Specific working reports and detailed recommendations are reviewed by the Control Committee, which is composed of lay leaders.

In the event that any case involving fraud or unethical conduct by employees of the Claims Conference should occur, a special report of the General Controller on that matter would be issued and made public.

The Claims Conference General Controller will issue an annual report each year regarding his activity, which will be made publicly available at the annual meeting of the Board of Directors in July.

General Controller Annual Summary Report 2014

General Controller Annual Summary Report 2013

General Controller Annual Summary Report 2012

General Controller Annual Summary Report 2011

General Controller Annual Summary Report 2010

General Controller Annual Summary Report 2009

General Controller Annual Summary Report 2008