Realization of Income

The major forms of recovery of the Successor Organization are as follows:

(a) Sales
Income from restituted property is realized through the sale of properties. Guidelines approved by the Board of Directors are in place governing the sales of property (including the requirement of an independent appraisal by a licensed appraiser for any property offered for sale). For each major piece of property the specific individual approval of the Successor Organization Committee is required for the sale. Sales are generally carried out at public auctions and in certain cases are sold through a broker.

(b) Compensation
The amount of awards of compensation or other forms of recovery are determined by the relevant German authorities based on German government legislation and rules.


The operations of the Successor Organization are overseen by the Successor Organization Committee of the Claims Conference. The committee is composed of Julius Berman, Roman Kent, Amb. Reuven Merhav, Alan Pines, and Joseph Wilf.

The Director of the Successor Organization in Germany is Roman Haller.


KPMG carries out an audit of the Successor Organization in Germany each year. These results are part of the overall annual financial statements of the Claims Conference which are available on the Claims Conference website.

General Controller

The General Controller of the Claims Conference carries out ongoing and detailed reviews of the activity of the Successor Organization in Germany.

In addition, any individual can refer a specific issue regarding the activity of the Successor Organization to the General Controller who will carry out an investigation of the matter. The General Controller can be reached by writing to:

General Controller
Claims Conference
PO Box 1215
New York, NY 10113

Updated November 29, 2010