ZRBG Payments for Child Rearing Periods (Kindererziehungszeiten)

The information presented below is intended solely as a general guide. It is a broad summary and overview. For information on Payments for Child Rearing Periods consult the German Social Insurance Board at the address given below.

Under German Social Insurance laws, certain pensions or benefits for child-rearing periods may be claimed by individuals who have the requisite insured work credits. For Holocaust survivors, these insured work credits must have been gained during remunerated employment in Germany or on territory annexed into the Third Reich (such as a Nazi-occupied Ghetto), before, during or after the war.

These laws have allowed survivors with the requisite qualifying German insurance contribution or work credits to receive small pensions (between Euro 10 and Euro 40 monthly per child) if their children were born before January 1, 1950 in Germany or during flight from Nazi persecution.

Alternatively, child-rearing periods can count as work credits to increase payments received in conjunction with other German Social Security payments.Neither pensions nor benefits are transferable to the child.

Qualifying Minimum: The requisite qualifying time is 60 months (5 years). This qualifying period must always be completed. Qualifying periods can be reached through a combination of contribution periods (paid work in Germany or a Nazi ghetto) with the addition of several types of substitution periods.

Child Rearing Pensions

This is an independent benefit that may be paid separately or together with another German Social Security pension.

For women with the requisite qualifying minimum who:

  • Were born before January 1, 1921 and who
  • Had a child born in Germany (or during residence abroad if the flight was caused by Nazi persecution) and
  • The child was born before January 01, 1950 and
  • The child was personally raised by the claimant.

Child Rearing Benefits

Certain periods of child rearing can count as periods of insurance contribution, and can thereby be used to increase an already existing old age or widow/widower pension. These credits cannot be paid in the form of a separate payment. Credits cover the first twelve months, starting from the month following the child’s birth.

For men or women with the requisite qualifying minimum who:

  • Were born after December 31, 1920 and who
  • Had a child who was born and raised in Germany or
  • During residence or emigration abroad if fleeing from Nazi persecution until December 31,1949 and
  • The child was personally raised by the claimant.

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