Article 2 Fund: Appeals

The Claims Conference has an independent review office to evaluate applications to the Article 2 Fund that are not approved. Appeals may be filed one year from the date that a claim is denied. Please contact:

Independent Appeals Authority for Article 2 Fund
Postfach 90 05 68
D-60445 Frankfurt

Tel: +49-69-9707-08-75
Fax: +49-69-9707-08-99

Independent Review Authority

The Claims Conference Independent Review Authority for the Hardship Fund, Article 2 Fund, Central and Eastern European Fund and the Child Survivor Fund reviews all appeals of negative decisions on claims to the four programs. Its members are:

Judge Mirjam Porat
Judge Porat was born in Berlin and came to Palestine in 1939. She worked as legal advisor at a number of Israeli banks and then served as a Judge of the District Court of Tel Aviv. She has also served as chairperson of a number of government-appointed committees.

Justice Stephen Adler
Justice Adler was born in New York and received his law degree from Columbia University. He is a former President and Chief Justice of the National Labor Court of Israel. Justice Adler is an adjunct lecturer at the law school of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Article 2 Fund Suspension Review

Claimants seeking a suspension review should send correspondence to the following address:

Claims Conference
Article 2 Fund Suspension Review
PO Box 1215
New York, NY 10113

Professor Leonard Orland, an internationally recognized expert in corporate criminal law, is adjudicating appeals from persons whose Holocaust-related payments have been deemed to have been obtained fraudulently.

Full appeals guidelines for compensation programs [PDF document]

June 1, 2016