Article 2 Fund: Appeals

The Claims Conference has an independent review office to evaluate applications to the Article 2 Fund that are not approved. Appeals may be filed one year from the date that a claim is denied. Please contact:

Independent Appeals Authority for Article 2 Fund
Postfach 90 05 68
D-60445 Frankfurt

Tel: +49-69-9707-08-75
Fax: +49-69-9707-08-99

Independent Review Authority

The Claims Conference Independent Review Authority for the Hardship Fund, Article 2 Fund, Central and Eastern European Fund and the Child Survivor Fund reviews all appeals of negative decisions on claims to the four programs. Justice Stephen Adler, the Review Authority, was born in New York and received his law degree from Columbia University. He is a former President and Chief Justice of the National Labor Court of Israel. Justice Adler is an adjunct lecturer at the law school of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Article 2 Fund Suspension Review

Claimants seeking a suspension review should send correspondence to the following address:

Claims Conference
Article 2 Fund Suspension Review
PO Box 1215
New York, NY 10113

Professor Leonard Orland, an internationally recognized expert in corporate criminal law, is adjudicating appeals from persons whose Holocaust-related payments have been deemed to have been obtained fraudulently.

Full appeals guidelines for compensation programs [PDF document]

June 1, 2016