Article 2 Fund: Appeals

The Claims Conference has an independent review office to evaluate applications to the Article 2 Fund that are not approved. Appeals may be filed one year from the date that a claim is denied. Please contact:

Independent Appeals Authority for
Article 2 Fund
Postfach 90 05 68
D-60445 Frankfurt


Click here for full appeals guidelines [PDF format].

Independent Review Authority Appointed

The Claims Conference has appointed Judge Mirjam Porat of Israel as its Independent Review Authority for the Hardship Fund, Article 2 Fund and the Central and East European Fund. Judge Porat reviews all appeals of negative decisions on claims to the three programs.

Judge Porat was born in Berlin and came to Palestine in 1939. She worked as legal advisor at a number of banks and then served as a Judge of the District Court of Tel Aviv. She has also served as chairperson of a number of government-appointed committees.

Article 2 Fund Suspension Review

Article 2 Fund Suspension Review is separate from the ordinary Article 2 Fund appeals process. Claimants seeking a suspension review should send correspondence to the following address:

Claims Conference
Article 2 Fund Suspension Review
PO Box 1215
New York, NY 10113

PLEASE NOTE: The appeals guidelines provided on this website apply only to original applications for compensation that are not approved when the processing is completed. THE GUIDELINES DO NOT APPLY TO CLAIMS UNDERGOING THE ARTICLE 2 FUND SUSPENSION REVIEW, WHERE INITIAL APPROVAL WAS REVERSED AS A RESULT OF A SUBSEQUENT DETERMINATION OF INELIGIBILITY. Claimants seeking a suspension review are informed of the appropriate steps to follow.

Any communications regarding compensation programs administered by the Claims Conference will come only from the offices of the Claims Conference.

February 10, 2011