Announcement Regarding Appeals/Investigation

The Claims Conference has appointed Professor Leonard Orland, an internationally recognized expert in corporate criminal law, to adjudicate appeals from persons whose Holocaust-related payments have been deemed to have been obtained fraudulently.

Formerly, Prof. Orland was Professor of Law at the University of Connecticut School of Law, where he taught courses in corporate criminal liability, white collar crime, criminal procedure, and antitrust and criminal law. He has a broad combination of experiences as a practitioner, mediator, consultant, scholar, and public servant. Prof. Orland practiced as a corporate antitrust attorney. As a law professor at the University of Connecticut, he served as a consultant to several government agencies, including the Federal Courts Study Committee, the United States Justice Department, the United States Sentencing Commission and the federal district and circuit judges of the Second Circuit. Prof. Orland also has been a Ford Foundation Scholar to examine criminal justice systems in Europe and Asia.

Prof. Orland is the author of 12 books and many law review articles, and has co-authored works with the late Marvin Frankel, Senior Federal Judge Harold Tyler, Jr. and Yale Law School Dean Emeritus A. S. Goldstein. In addition to his position at the University of Connecticut Law School, he has been a Visiting Professor at the Free University of Berlin; the University of Exeter, England; Beijing University; and Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland. He has been a Visiting Fellow at the Institute for Social and Policy Studies, Yale University, the Institute of Criminology, Cambridge, U.K., and the Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law, Freiburg, Germany.

Such appeals have also been adjudicated by Justice Herman Cahn, Shmuel Hollander and Herbert Block.